QWO™: Cellulite Reduction

A condition caused by hardened connective tissue (fibrous septae) and the protrusion of fat cells under the surface of the skin, cellulite is an irregularity that leads to dimpling, rippling, and uneven skin in the legs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms.


While cellulite can be frustrating and bring about anxiety at the thought of showing your skin in public, it is in no way abnormal. In fact, studies published by the National Institute of Health show that around 90% of women and 10% of men experience cellulite.

However, if you are worried or self-conscious about cellulite, butt dimpling, and other dimples from cellulite, Trés Jolie Medical Spa provides non-surgical cellulite reduction options utilizing QWO™ that can leave you looking smooth and feeling confident enough to bare your legs in a pair of shorts or revealing bathing suit during beach season.

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What Is QWO™?

QWO™ (collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes) is an FDA-approved prescription medication that is administered by a Board Certified Injector. The innovative, non-invasive, cellulite treatment disperses a mixture of two naturally-occurring enzymes (AUX-I and AUX-II) that target and loosen thick fibrous septae bands under the skin to promote cellulite reduction, skin firming, and dimple smoothing. 


How Does QWO™ Aid Cellulite Reduction? 

QWO™ works in three ways to achieve smooth posterior cellulite and reduced cellulite dimpling:

  • It stimulates the growth of new collagen in the fibrous bands.

  • It breaks down tightened fibrous bands to help firm the skin.

  • It redistributes fat cells to smooth out the dimpled areas.

The professional team at Trés Jolie Medical Spa has the experience, equipment, and insight to prepare a QWO™ cellulite reduction treatment plan that works best for you.

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Conquer Cellulite With QWO™ at Trés Jolie Medical Spa

Trés Jolie Medical Spa is passionate about enhancing and perfecting your natural beauty. Through the use of superior technology and advanced treatments, our staff of licensed, highly-trained practitioners will effectively and discreetly address your cellulite concerns.

For an effective and safe cellulite treatment that will leave you looking healthy and feeling your very best, call Lake Mary, Florida's premiere anti-aging medical spa today at 407-915-6570 and schedule your complimentary consultation