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What To Expect From Dermaplaning at Tres Jolie Medical Spa

Dermaplaning is a safe, exfoliation of dead skin cells when performed by a Licensed and Certified Medical Aesthetician. At Tres Jolie, our Medical Aesthetic Team is highly knowledgeable and completes a certification process to ensure that our patients receive the best service and skin health benefits.

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure, that feels gentle while exfoliating the dead skin cells on the outer layer of your skin. Not only is this procedure safe and painfree, it requires absolutely no downtime, with immediate results. You can expect your skin to feel soft, smooth, and have a visable brighter, glowing look.

Our Medical Aestheticians use a special surgical blade to gently exfoliate the skin using feathering strokes, the procedure takes from 20-30 minutes and may be performed alone or added to a facial, for optimal results. It is quick, painless and will leave your skin glowing.

We recommend having the service once a month to rejuvenate the skin, help treat mild acne scars, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, your all your skincare will absorb to a deeper level for even better results. You will also discover that your make-up application will go on smoother and easier.

Dermaplaning is one of our favorite and most popular Medical Anti-Aging procedures offered at Tres Jolie Medical Spa. It is important you have this service from an Aesthetician that is licensed and certified that you trust. Our Medical Aestheticians will keep you informed and explain the process as the procedure is performed so you are comfortable and relaxed. You will leave feeling pampered, but with professional clinical results. We will give you a complete explanation on after-care and what products will best suit your skin after the service is complete. We want to make sure every single patient walks out confident, educated, and feeling beautiful.



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