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What Is Alastin Used For?

Alastin develops an advanced line of clinically-tested skincare products that are dispensed by physicians and cannot be purchased at your average grocery store. Innovative and exclusive, the Alastin product line has rapidly grown in popularity, but what are they used for and how effective are they?

Anti-aging Innovation

The Alastin brand was created to achieve the goal of bringing pharmaceutical innovations to the world of skincare. Alastin products are thoroughly researched and produced using the most up-to-date scientific innovations.

Dedicated to efficiently and effectively maintaining your skin health, the great minds behind Alastin partnered with dermatological leader Galderma to combine their extensive knowledge of the science of skin with Alastin’s patented TriHex Technology® blend of active peptides and botanicals to design skincare products that will help to best repair, replenish, and protect your skin.

Why Use Alastin Products?

If the skincare products in your current routine are not cutting it for you, it may be time to invest in something more effective. Alastin products are made to be used as daily replacements for the less-than-effective skin care products in your regular skincare routine. Our cutting-edge, high-quality, and effective skincare products include:

● Cleansers

● Sunscreens

● Moisturizers

● Serums

● Eye treatments

● Restorative creams

Alastin also offers a line of products that can help enhance your results and improve recovery following cosmetic treatments and procedures like injectable fillers and chemical peels.

Effective Alastin Products Available in Central Florida

If you are interested in purchasing Alastin skincare products, the licensed professionals at Trés Jolie Medical Spa can help.

At Trés Jolie Medical Spa, we are dedicated to helping you feel your best. Whether that means achieving a younger, slimmer, or more natural look, our highly-trained staff can help you address your concerns and goals using advanced treatments and superior technology.

We also carry many Alastin products and can help you implement these excellent skincare formulas into your routine.

For more information on the Alastin products that we carry or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call Trés Jolie, Lake Mary’s premiere anti-aging medical spa, today at 407-915-6570.

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