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TRÈS JOLIE MEDICAL SPA is Lake Mary's premiere anti-aging medical spa located at 138 W Crystal Lake Ave. in the heart of Downtown Lake Mary. We specialize in helping patients look and feel their very best using superior technology and advanced treatments that are guaranteed to produce visible results for younger, more natural-looking skin. Our friendly, knowledgeable highly-skilled staff deliver optimal services in a luxurious and warm setting.

From our Spa Concierge, to our highly-trained Practitioners, we cater to our clients personal needs and concerns. We address areas in the most discreet, effective yet professional manner with an emphasis on delivering real, visible results. We are invested in your skin and are committed to ensuring that we not only provide superior service, but educate our clients in fully understanding how to take complete care of their skin and achieve optimal anti-aging results. Call today to set up your complimentary, comprehensive consultation.


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MSN, ARNP-C, NP-C / Board Certified Master Injector

Susan Leskanic is a board- certified Nurse Practitioner with a passion for helping her clients reach optimal health and beauty. Susan graduated with honors from Florida Southern College with her Master’s of Science in Nursing. Her professional memberships include the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics, Florida Nurse Practitioner association, and Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society. Susan specializes in Internal Medicine and performs the latest techniques for enhancing facial aesthetics. She is a master injector certified in advanced techniques of neurotoxins and dermal fillers and performs various aesthetic laser procedures.


    With  years of experience in the medical field, Susan is not only known for her expertise but also her gentle and caring approach towards each patient. As a Master Injector, Susan takes pride in knowing that her patients trust her, and ensures that they receive optimal results.


     Susan is originally from Louisiana, practiced in Colorado where she resided 7 years. In 2000, she made Florida her home with husband Curtis and three children. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, and jogging.

Susan is committed to delivering only the best in all that she does.  Call today to set up your complimentary, comprehensive consultation.




Curtis knows a little something about success. He was involved        in helping the boston Red Sox win their 1st World Series in 86 years.  Our former Boston Red Sox World Series Champion is now pitching for Tres Jolie Medical Spa in Lake Mary Fl. Curtis is very family oriented and an extremely active voice in our community with several charities. He was more than thrilled to support and join his wife, Susan Leskanic, in opening Tres Jolie Medical Spa. He is extremely kind, caring, intelligent and is especially keen on providing a pleasant and professional environment at Tres Jolie. Curtis and Susan are blessed with three children. Together, they understand that spending time with them is of most importance and cherish every moment they get.

Deanna Vazquez

ARNP / Board Certified Injector

Deanna R Vazquez, ARNP, MSN, FNP-BC is a master’s prepared nurse practitioner, ANCC Board Certified in Family Practice. She is trained and industry certified in cosmeceutical procedures such as neuromodulators, dermal fillers, lipolysis injections, minimally invasive laser, and PDO thread lift. 


Deanna joined Tres Jolie Medical Spa in 2018. She has over 8 years of medical experience. Her passion for anti-aging and preventive medicine began long ago. She received her Master of Nursing from South University in Orlando as a nurse practitioner with special studies in family medicine. Her professional memberships include the Florida Nurse Practitioner association, and Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society. 


Deanna was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at University of Central Florida. In addition to her professional passion, her love of art is not far behind. In her time away from work, she enjoys spending time with her family, taking art classes, and traveling whenever time allows. 


Deanna provides education in a professional and confidential manner offering her clients the highest level of assurance and trust. She has extensive training with Susan Leskanic and participates in the latest cutting edge aesthetic medicine. She is highly qualified, educated and experienced in aesthetic procedures and is committed to helping each client achieve their individual goals. Just as every face is unique, so is every injector and every practice. She is committed to us and will be committed to you. We are blessed to have her. 


Call to schedule your appointment with Deanna Vazquez, ARNP, today and start your journey to a natural looking you!

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Kimberly "Kim" Hesketh

Certified Medical Aesthetician

Kim comes to Très Jolie Medical Spa carrying 2 time Award Winning Aesthetician Honors from Hand and Stone.  Miss Kim has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, with certifiable knowledge to take your skin to the next level.  Acne treatments, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and Anti-aging procedures such as Microdermabrasion, Microneedling, Chemical Peels, just to name a few, are all part of Kims treatment arsenal to reach the tone, texture and contour of your skins optimal level. Along with the knowledge and expertise lies Her Client Retention Rate. For any service provider, this quality is a game changer. This is a commodity that makes Kim the best. Each of her treatments is customized for her clients individual needs to achieve maximum and immediate results. "As a mom with three beautiful girls my work/life balance is extremely important. Maintaining a youthful appearance is made easy with home care treatments between regularly scheduled appointments."

Beth Santieptro

Office Manager

All the way from New York, Beth was summoned to Head our Medical Spa. She Swears up and down that she is not a Yankee Fan. Beth possesses what all Top Managers are required to have, the ability to maximize each employee's talent in the best role they are suited. With a little NY attitude, she runs a tight ship but, at the same time, Beth truly has amazing relational skills. She also has the gift of devotion. We were proud and fortunate to find her at the end of a 15 year Medical Office Management position in which the Dr. was retiring.  We cannot express how blessed we are to retain her experience, knowledge and leadership. 

Aesthetics Coordinator/CoolSculpting Administer

Victoria Wood


Victoria was actually a client at Très Jolie Medical Spa. Because of her personality, sincere kindness and passion for healthy skin, we asked her if she would like to be a part of our team. Victoria quickly became a wonderful and welcome addition. Along with a great work ethic, Victoria adds a great deal of humor to our office. Many of our clients become quite confused at times when they see Susan and victoria in the office because of their similar identity. They seem to act on it and get the office laughing at the confused stares. Them 2 have quite an act. There is no doubt that she was and still is, a true blessing. We are so proud to have her aboard an already wonderful and knowledgeable staff. 


Tina Rappa

Aesthetics Coordinator/Patient Care Coordinator

Tina is not only one of our Medical Assistants, she also serves as a Patient Care Coordinator. Scheduling, aiding in procedure and assisting our clients at check-in, are just to name a few things that Tina does at Très Jolie. She is a woman of many hats that brings fun to the office. Along with a great personality and work ethic, Tina gets along and works quite well with everyone. She has a passion for healthy skin and will go out of her way to make sure every one, especially clients, are well taken care of. She is a welcome addition and loves being a part of a well maintained Medical Office. Just like all of our employees, we are so glad to have her.  


Sheaya Chapman

Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Sheaya is a Medical Aesthetician at Tres Jolie. Her professional demeanor along with her vast knowledge of Skin Care allows for an experience that far exceeds expectations. Sheaya attended The University of Arizona, where she excelled in softball. She is undefeated in the skin department and loves a challenge. 

Tres Jolie prides itself on the latest technology for use of Medical Grade procedures in the aesthetic field, giving optimal results every time. 

Sheaya's keeps up with the latest procedures by attending seminars and meetings to better educate her clients in long term skin care.  

Sheaya's warm and inviting personality will leave you feeling comfortable and excited to develop a program that will help you reach your skins optimal level.   

After nineteen years of experience in the art of permanent make-up, Stephanie’s philosophy hasn’t changed; she believes that permanent make-up should look as natural as possible. After receiving her Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Florida, Stephanie spent several years creating art for advertising and marketing companies. In 1995, Stephanie decided to take her passion for color theory and make-up and make the career change to permanent make-up. She now creates art to enhance her clients’ natural beauty. Permanent make-up especially microblading,  is a wonderful tool for looking your best all day!



Permanent Make-up and Microblading Artist


Debbie Palutis

Teeth Whitening / VelsShape III Specialist

Debbie joins our team as the VelaShape III Specialist.  With a deep   understanding of what her clients need, Debbie approaches each appointment with an in-depth consultation which provides comfort  and ease to her clients.  Debbie prides herself in learning new techniques in administering the VelaShape by attending on-line education sources, she is a valuable asset to the Tres Jolie Family and continues to exude professionalism.   

Sonya Minton

Schedule Coordinator/Concierge

Sonya has an amazing mind. Her managerial skills are second to none and will most likely assume that responsibility some day with us. Sonya has a way of juggling many things at once but her greatest asset is putting people in situations where they will succeed the most. Being able to know how people do in certain situations is important in any business, however in the service industry, it is crucial to line up employees according to their gifts. Sonya possesses great attributes like authenticity, encouragement and problem solving. I would say her most worthy of her gifts is the gift of loyalty. Her character goes beyond what words can describe. She has been nothing but a blessing since she she has been here. Sonya is the complete package


Nicole Shoemaker

Patient Care Coordinator/Social Media

Meet the newest member of our staff, Nicole. First off, all of our Patient Care Coordinators, at Très Jolie, have an overflow of patience. She has been battle tested by baby sitting Curtis and Susans youngest daughter.  She has a passion for the fashion and beauty industry, in fact Nicole possesses an amazing gift of design ideas and the main reason why she is head of the Social Media Marketing Dept. We are Blessed to have this pretty, honest, intelligent and talented young lady working for us at Tres Jolie. She definitely brings life to the party. 

Shelly Brooks

Patient Care Coordinator/CoolSculpting

Shelly actually was hired to be our Medical Assistant. Her enthusiasm and energy make her such a joy to be around that we quickly realized that it would be in our best interest for her to tend directly with our clients. Like all of our employees, Shelly seems to never have a bad day and is full of optimism. Shelly also has been Certified as one of our CoolSculpting Specialists. She has a passion for living a lifestyle of sound habits which include working out and eating healthy. She comes up with a treatment regimen specifically for each client. Her clients have and are having incredible results. We are thrilled to have her on our team.