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Botox Treatment

Tres Jolie

Gradient Strip

     One of the components of beautiful, youthful skin is HYALURONIC ACID . As we age, however, the amount we have present in the body slowly begins to decrease. You might have noticed that your cheeks have lost volume, your jawline has become less defined, or that your skin has become less taught and toned. The lack of hyaluronic acid eventually leads to a loss of volume in facial features. This leads to saggy, droopy skin in the lower half of the face.

     JUVEDERM is a collection of HYALURONIC ACID FILLERS that adds volume to the face. These fillers are used in different regions of the face depending on volume loss, level of wrinkle (parentheses) correction or simply how full the client wants his/her lips.  In our Medical Spa, we most categorize these areas as LIFT areas, SMOOTH areas AND PLUMP areas.

LYFT- VOLUMA- Is mostly used for the Cheek areas for volume and Contour.

SMOOTH- VOLLURE- Are normally located around the areas that are concentrated around the mouth and nasal areas.

PLUMP- ULTRA XC- Areas cantered more for lips and vertical lip lines. 

    Make an appointment for a free consultation with our Platinum Level Injector Susan Leskanic today. She will inform you about all the JUVEDERM products and what areas they would be most useful in.  

Before using any of the JUVEDERM products, please consult your Physician or Practitioner and be sure to ask if your injector is Board Certified to do so. Your can call Très Jolie Medical Spa for any questions or comments concerning Skin Rejuvenation, Juvederm, Botox or any of our procedures. We are located in Lake Mary across from Town Hall. 138 W Lakeview Ave. Ste 1100. Lake Mary Fl 32746. 

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