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Over time, everyone becomes susceptible to the pitfalls of growing older which can include wrinkling, eye bags, festoons, cellulite, and saggy skin. Fortunately, advancements in beautification technology have led to non-invasive procedures and cutting-edge programs that help correct the signs of aging. 

Always on top of the latest treatments, the expert practitioners at Trés Jolie Medical Spa are ready to help make aging a little more graceful with an innovative, non-surgical face lift system developed for the face and body: TempSure Envi by CynoSure.

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Beauty Portrait

What Is the TempSure Envi System?

The first of its kind, the TempSure Envi System is a full-body skin tightening treatment system that uses radio frequency to heat tissue and promote collagen production which leads to beautiful, healthy, and firmer skin.

The TempSure Envi targets virtually all problem areas of the body where loose skin and wrinkles are forming, including:

  • Areas of the Face – Common facial areas that can be tightened include wrinkled brow lines, eye bags and festoons under the eyes, deep lines around the mouth, saggy skin under the chin, and lines around the neck.

  • Areas of the Body – The flexibility of the TempSure Envi System allows for head-to-toe skin tightening. The innovative skin tightening system can be applied to correct wrinkled and sagging skin throughout the body in areas including the chest, back of the hands, arms, elbows, abdomen, and thighs. TempSure can also help with cellulite reduction in the buttocks.

The Benefits of a TempSure Non-Surgical Face Lift

Because the TempSure Envi System heat skin tissue with non-surgical and safe radio frequency technology, it is a cut above invasive surgeries and other similar methods. You can trust the expert beauty practitioners at Trés Jolie Medical Spa to deliver a TempSure Envi treatment that promises:

  • Fast and painless application

  • Little to no side-effects

  • Quick recovery time and results


Get the Best Skin Tightening System for Your Face and Body at Trés Jolie Medical Spa

At Trés Jolie Medical Spa, we are passionate about enhancing and perfecting your natural beauty. Through the use of superior technology and advanced treatments, our staff of licensed, highly-trained practitioners will effectively and discreetly address your concerns and leave you looking healthy and feeling your very best. To achieve tight, ageless skin, call Lake Mary, Florida’s premiere anti-aging medical spa today at 407-915-6570 and schedule your consultation.

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