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Sculptra is a revolutionary facial filler that is biodegradable, FDA-approved. It acts much like fat injection, but without downtime and with minimal pain. It is a cosmetic injection containing poly-L-lactic acid, a long-lasting dermal filler that restores lost volume to create a natural, soft, more youthful contouring of the face while treating wrinkles. It is formulated to build your own collagen while it gradually disappears. Unlike other fillers, the effect lasts for years. Only touch-up treatments will be required years later to maintain and improve the results. When considering getting SCULPTRA, please seek a Board Certified Medical Injector or simply make an appointment to Consult with one of our injectors!


Sculptra™ might require a series of three to five treatments every four to six weeks. Improvement in contour occurs gradually over two to six months. The advantage of this is reaped by those clients wishing to avoid the obvious tell-tale overnight change in appearance due to cosmetic surgery.

Sculptra is most effective for: 

  • contouring facial wrinkles

  • adding volume to hollowed cheeks, temples or chin area

  • softening boney cheekbones

  • contouring nasolabial folds (also called smile lines)

  • defining the jawline


Facial Aesthetics
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